WIN a Schuberth C4PRO helmet with Bikerheadz worth £599.99!

From Tuesday, May 28th - Monday, June 3rd, Bikerheadz will be posting one new video per day on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter featuring the 7 C’s of the C4PRO.

All you have to do is keep an eye out for each new video and note each of the words as they appear. To be clear, each of the words starts with the letter ‘C’,

With one new word per day and you will need to provide us with all seven to be able to enter.

Email your answers to Bikerheadz

Enter from Monday 3rd June 2019. Entries close at midday on Monday, June 24th and the winner will be announced on Tuesday, June 25th.

Good luck!

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The new for 2019 SCHUBERTH C4 Pro, is the flip-up helmet to have for the most discerning motorcyclists.

Now with a Pinlock 120 Anti fog visor as standard the new C4 Pro draws it's inspiration from all the previous Schuberth Flip-Up helmets and pushes the bar even higher!

It encompasses the best cutting edge technologies and top of the range quality, with the C4 Pro having an incredibly compact shape that you would not think is a modular helmet.

The Schuberth C4 Pro has an optimized acoustic design and brand new interior making it one of the most comfortable high performance flip-up helmets on the market.

The C4 Pro is of course compatible with the Schuberth SC1 bluetooth Communication System.


How could one take the C4 Pro and make it even better experience, not only from a safety but also a rider comfort perspective?

Schuberth brings their Formula 1 racing technology to the C4 Pro to package it in a 100% carbon fiber shell making it the lightest Schuberth modular helmet ever.

With the same unmatched, German-engineered quality and the latest in aerodynamics, the C4 Pro carbon is one of the most compact, advanced modular helmets available to the touring-minded motorcyclist.

Featuring a new and improved Coolmax inner liner and 2 shell sizes, the C4 Pro Carbon is the new standard for ultra-premium touring helmets.