C4 PRO (Modular/Touring)

The new for 2019 Schuberth C4 Pro, is the flip-up helmet to have for the most discerning motorcyclists. The C4 Pro draws it's inspiration from all the previous Schuberth Flip-Up helmets and pushes the bar even higher! It encompasses the best cutting edge technologies and top of the range quality, with the C4 Pro having an incredibly compact shape that you would not think is a modular helmet. The Schuberth C4 Pro has an optimized acoustic design and brand new interior making it one of the most comfortable high performance flip-up helmets on the market. The C4 Pro is of course compatible with the Schuberth SC1 and Brand New SC2 bluetooth Communication Systems.HIGH-TECH WHERE SAFETY IS CONCERNED: The specialised method of DFP (Direct Fibre Processing) developed and used by Schuberth to make the C4 shells, makes for lower weight and optimum helmet stability. DFP has an endless piece of glass fibre being cut into pieces by a specialised robot and then blown into a mould. This makes a 'preform' which is baked under very high pressure in a heatable mould, when a precise quantity of resin is inserted to produce an incredibly solid shell. The inner lining is made of multiple parts which allows for superb absorption of force, which of course enhances safety.Features Perfect ventilation Developed in the wind tunnel, the helmet’s exterior is perfectly aerodynamic Plug & play Loudspeaker, microphone, and antenna for the SC2 and SC1 communication systems are pre-installed as standard Optimal for Bluetooth® and radio reception Integrated antenna, pre-installed loudspeaker and microphone Light and comfortable Optimized acoustics and fit Extra-large anti-fog lens Wide field of vision, even in a sporty riding position Internal Sun VisorSC1: The Next Generation of Communication for C4 and R2.Communicating, talking on the phone, using the satnav, listening to music – communication now also becomes very simple on the motorbike. Extremely easy installation and invisible technology: the communication unit is slotted into the edge of the helmet and is completely hidden. Microphone and speakers are preinstalled in the helmet.Sizes : XS-3XL (52-53cm - 64-65cm)Please be aware that Schuberth Helmets purchased from 1st January 2016 come with a 2 year warranty. To increase the Warranty to 5 years it MUST be registered directly with Schuberth. Please see the link below to visit the Warranty Registration page:http://www.schuberth.com/en/products/motorbikes/warranty- registration.html